Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bridesmaid's Dresses

I am trying to post this from my phone. It has been an exercise in fine motor skills, patience and knowing the limits of my technological savy. Nonetheless, lack of a computer will not hold me back!


Ok, I continue this later. Evidently lack of a laptop, did hold me back. I couldn't get the text right and the photo couldn't be cropped to a manageable size. Plus, I had to go to church, so immediate bathing was required (it is Sunday after all) putting my blog post on hold.

This is a shot of one of my lovely bridesmaids (Chelsea) after a whirlwind session of trying on styles and colors. I tried to get something most of them would like and would complement their figures. Post wedding wearability was also a consideration. Better yet, it has pockets!

It was fun, Rebel, Cassandra and Chelsea were my little barbies as I threw stuff at them. They were all helpful and I am glad they got a say in things. It's silly to completely ignore ladies you are professing a special affection for when deciding how they will be displayed. If I liked it and they didn't or it would fit one but not the other, it was out.

Having said that I won't please everyone but if I get 5 or 6 out of seven unique girls, I think I should get some kudos.

At the end of the outing, we all had coffee and brainstormed. I was flattered when they said they admired my speed and decisiveness thus far. I'm pushing it a little time wise, no need to agonize over stuff. I figure the differences would be slight even if I had oodles of time. My time in the sorority as MVP was a perfect training ground for this.

All in all, this wedding stuff is fun!

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