Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cake

My Cake In A Perfect World

As much as I love my Aliens/ Geiger style cake, something tells me the guests may be a little confused. You can't have crazy Uncle Charlie taking a swing at your cake with the misguided belief he has just saved the wedding party from alien impregnation.

Originally, I didn't want cake. I don't like cake, never have. I wanted pie or a cobbler bar or truffles. However when I expressed this to my father he gave me that look. The one people give when you've had way too many lattes and are on a crazy binge, saying almost believable things like: "I'm going to get a motorcycle/ take trapeze classes/ sell cupcakes for a living/ live in a yurt..."
The look is a theatric display of shock, amusement, doubt and dismay. My Uncle Mike nodded with my father as he explained he was paying for it and I was getting a big, fancy cake. Since I don't plan on having much booze, people will be expecting a significant dessert and like Marie said people want cake. When they didn't get it under Marie, heads started rolling.

Swayed by this logic, I have begun the hunt with a pair of twins from grade/high school who are living the dream as bakers. I'm going to set up an appt. soonish and bring Chaz and Mummy along. It's one thing I think the groom will be bummed to miss.

On a different note, I met with Lindsay from Gamma Phi Beta yesterday night. She has given
me some bridal loot (the magazines I have already devoured). Which brings me to the conclusion, I love this whole being engaged thing. People are helpful and old friends you miss have a reason to pop their heads into your life. So keep it coming.

Since I can't afford to invite everyone I am fond of, I am tempted to have a Gamma Phi only shower to celebrate my nuptials. More of a get-together than a bring me presents and bask in my awesomeness sort of thing. Meet at the beach here in Corona Del Mar, wear our letters, have a bonfire, make some s'mores, tell each other how good we look, etc. How's that sound ladies?


  1. I had to show that pic to my coworker who cracked up. I've seen some of the Wright girls' stuff, very cute.

    If its good tasting cake you want, try Rockwell's Creative Cakes. I'm not a cake person either, but even if you just go to try out the samples and don't order from them its worth the trip (plus its free)! Interesting flavor combos like lemon cake with raspberry filling, but the plain white cake is simply the best. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it...

  2. I'm down for a beach day/afternoon with G-Phis!

  3. Me too! I would love an excuse to bust out my letters :)