Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Dress

Looking in the mirror, after they put on the veil, you realize it's actually happening. And you have become the archetype of bride.

When the first dress went on it was surreal. I started getting flushed and nervous as I stood on the pedestal. My mom thought I looked beautiful in everything. For a rare hour or so, I got to feel all the lovely implications of the role.

Cloud like, cake like, marzipan, organza, satin, tulle, trains and silhouettes. All in white and ivory.
For me the iconic color means something. I've earned the dress and I'm going to be shameless in my enjoyment thereof.

All that to say, it's done. I have the dress, but I am keeping its particulars secret. This will be a private pleasure, only to be shared on August 1st. I want to keep one mystery at least. With all the planning and lists, I can't forget the dash of magic that makes this all sacred. So this time, I'm going to keep mum.

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