Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bridesmaids

So we all get to know one another, I've decided to have a profile for my bridesmaids. How I know them, who they are, their favorite cheese, what they would do for a klondike bar (kill a man), etc.

First up....

The Maid of Honor

Rebel, nee Rebecca Beatrice Coyne, is my little sister. She is a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton and has a love for doc martins, men with beards, pizza, singing beautifully, cartoons, cryptozoology, baking rainbow cakes and not finishing books. She is also the funniest girl I know and promises "to slay" during the toast.

Britt Coyne

Sister-in-law extraordinaire and soon to be mommy. Britt loves Stella Mcartney, buying shoes, Elvis Costello, browsing Web MD, her pet rat Walter, my brother when he cleans, and yoga (as evidenced by the picture). She is a fabulous cook and the only girl in the world who could withstand all that is Sean, bless her heart.

Chelsea McGuinness

Chelsea is the friend I've known the longest (20+ years!) and has been around since the wee days of M.C.A. Chelsea loves French film, good chocolate, clean design, dark nail polish, vegetarian restaurants, and her fluffy dog Grace. On her 16th birthday party we tp-ed her crush's house, but I made too much noise so said crush's older brothers proceeded to run out and throw eggs at us.

Cassandra Gomez

A friend from law school and Rome travel buddy, Cassandra has consecutively spent the most time with me in the past year, apart from family, and has emerged unscathed. Cassandra loves a good laugh, bad 90's R&B, Notre Dame, traveling to exotic places, nummy food, photography, the movie French Kiss, and is the only person I know who has eaten a guinea pig. (A Peruvian delicacy she informed me.)

Suzette Gutlay

Aaron's longstanding lady-friend and my homegirl at DeNaranjo parties. Suzette is a firecracker. She loves hip-hop dancing, working with kids, punching Aaron, dressing up her dog, and secretly wants to be a Laker Girl. Through significant joint effort and planning we owned a bunch of twelve-year-olds in a snowball throw-down this last winter. Don' mess, little chillens.

Victoria Rapoport

Another law school croney, Viki is upping the Jewish quotient of the bridesmaids and repping her home town of the ol' USSR. The only bridesmaid to have threatened physical harm to Chaz, Viki holds a special place in our hearts. She loves eating out, Banana Republic, bike rides, getting up early, stressing out while maintaining she's "not stressed", breakfast bagels, and has one of the cutest "I'm embarrassed" smiles I have ever seen.

Dana Nicholas

Dana is one of the OG's in my law school blondterouge. Loved by all, she has an uncanny ability to know someone no matter where we go. Guy in a neck and back brace at a club that I'm poking fun at? College friend. Cop in Starbucks? High school buddy. Dana loves trying new things, travel photos, John Muir, J-Crew, burritos, taking pictures of feet, and is the only person I know who hates Falcor from the Never-Ending Story with a passion

Behold, the Royal 7! I love them all and am thrilled to share my day with them.

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