Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Guestbook

Since the wedding is so close (Sunday!) I was asked to re-post where I am registered. Chaz and I have our little wishlists at:

Now onto the crux of the post!

So, the wedding is coming fast and I am poring over all the little detail elements. For starters we have:

  • The Guestbook
  • The Garter
  • The Favors
  • The Table "numbers"
  • The Escort Cards
  • The Program
I intend to do some backward looking blog posts on other aspects. I want the wedding to have some element of surprise. So even though I'll be hitched you won't be rid of me that easily, interwebs!

Originally, I wanted to have those guestbooks where you do one at each table and have people answer questions about the couple, like "Where should they go on their honeymoon?". However, the tables have enough going on.
Then I considered this great idea Rebs gave me. A pretty tree outline in a book and people add their fingerprints marked with their names as leaves. I thought adding some little oranges in the foliage would be sweet too. Or maybe my side of the family would make a big rose, with their finger prints as petals. This may all still be feasible, but it will be in addition to a traditional guestbook.
Another thought was to have old books with fancy bindings at each table, swiped from Friends of the Library. The books would be whited-out somehow, maybe new pages glued on with the text making a pretty border. Those could sit at each table and serve as fancy looking guestbooks too.

Bottom line, I had to do this all in 4 months, sans coordinator and watching my budget. You start asking what can I really do?

I'm going to try and combine two ideas by having one stationary guestbook, each page with a new question. So they sign their names and leave a thoughtful answer. I have oodles of colored pens leftover from invite addressing. Methinks this might do the job.

I have the guest book. One thing off the To Do List. I'm rather proud of how it complements the wedding scheme.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Rehearsal and Bachelorette

Ah, dear blog, it has been far too long.

For a quick recap, I had the rehearsal last Sunday. We were on location and then went to El Torito Grill for the dinner. Taco bar was great, as was the flan. I was stoked. It might have been even better if I wasn't suffering from the gnarliest stomach-ache ever. At occasions like these, 'tis best to suffer in silence.
It was nice to see my location again and be reminded of how lovely it is. I did notice however I am being married rather close to Nixon's grave. I missed the memo he is buried there. How many people do you know that had a president attend their wedding? Add 1 to that list.
Be prepared for a little grass and slightly uneven terrain, dear guest. It won't last for long. After that, it is air condition, stone and wood.

I brought schedules to the rehearsal for everyone, giving a breakdown of what to bring and who has to be where and when. I even made a last minute diagram of where everyone stands on the day of.

I am a bit proud of myself for being organized. I doubt everyone will hold onto their schedule, so I'll email blast it again.

The day before the rehearsal dinner was my bachelorette party. I didn't know what to expect. I'm a rather tame girl and didn't think the standard going out and getting sloshed would work. My sister managed a very nice party! We had the obligatory party crowns, "Girl's Night Out" banner, and my "Bride-to-Be" rhinestone shirt. I was ready for a shindig.

Rebel arranged for us to get a 21-footer (maybe bigger) Duffy boat that we could cruise around Balboa bay. They just give you the keys and a deadline to return the boat. It's great, but only concern to get the host's ID and credit card back keep you tethered to the area. We could have been free women, or a much prettier Gilligan's Island.
We sat on the boat and gnoshed on all the delicious snacks Rebs provided (strawberries, hummus, pita chips, veggies, fancy cheeses, Pirate Booty, etc) and imbibed girly drinks. Cassandra brought homemade guacamole and salsa, most impressive. I also opened my gifts on the boat which ranged from the lacy to the illicit and handed out what Bridesmaid's gifts Macy's managed to ship me:

For the Ladies to wear the day of, and well the ring, just because
it screamed Rebs to me. For the first time in my life, I couldn't get a picture of something off the internet. So the ring shown isn't exactly hers, but pretty close. (I like hers better).

After the little boat outing, with Jessica Sisco at the helm, we drove to one of my favorites: Muldoons. Where I feasted on soda bread and Gaelic chicken, and the other had foofy martinis or beer with their meals. I took it as a good omen that the table had orange colored roses in little vases on it. (Thus combining my wedding themes.) The band even gave me a shout out. All in all a pretty good evening.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Muñoz/ De Naranjo Shower

Last Sunday I attended a shower thrown for me by Chaz's Mom and his Aunt Mona, her sister. It was very sweet. There were lovely sandwiches, salad, lots of things dipped in chocolate, a *beautiful* fondant cake and pretty punches.

The patio was decorated in my wedding colors and had tissue flowers and spray roses on the
table. It was nice to actually see all the colors together! Thus far the color combos have only been in my head and the occasional collage. It was nice to see them in person.

We played a few bridal shower games, one of which was fun, but I was dreadful at. The game is everyone buys me a pair of undies that reflects their personality, and I am supposed to guess who got them for me. I got 2 right, one of which was my sister and the other was helped by process of elimination. I would often strike within families though, guessing the daughter when it was the mother or vice-versa. I find some consolation in that ;-)

Anyhoo, I have been "showered" twice over, and it's been good fun!

The Purse

I finally got my pop of color for my outfit in a bag I saw and just couldn't refuse, and I don't say that lightly. I can refuse a lot of things (clothes, advances, potato chips). Very rarely does the "MUST BUY" urge come over me. But I saw this bag and said to my self:

"Self, you must have this bag. It is a fabulous color, good size and a giant rose."

And I figure, who am I to argue with fate and my ever wise inner monologue? Another tidbit, I go back to snag a picture of it from the Nordies site, and guess what? All gone. I snatched one of the last ones Nordstroms had in that color.

Without much more ado, behold, the bag!

SQUEEEEE!!! Couldn't you just die?!... Or at least be really excited?

Now I have a place to stash gum, a tiny deodorant, lipstick, a mirror, a switchblade, safety pins, coverup, bandaids, aspirin, etc. For now, all is well in the world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Believe it or no, the hunt for the perfect shoe has been long and arduous. At first I wanted something that would be a pop of color when you spotted them under the petticoat. I went mad looking for shoes in the wedding colors. Then I realized, I'm standing all day, I want some comfy kicks. Also, Chaz must look as tall as possible. Hence, the decision to look at flats.

Then Mumsy came along and said, well why not a heel? He'll still be taller than you. I pondered this and widened the net.

After, no lie, 7 plus shoes delivered to me via Nordstroms online and at least 4 outings to the mall, I have settled on these. They work, they're cute, fairly comfy and I don't think I can handle another sole-crushing trip to the shoe department.

Ta da! The great dilemma has been solved so I can finally hem my dress. Or so I thought. I am now reconsidering under-stuffs, as the previous set made me look a little too tartish. So now I wait for Nordstroms to ship me a new corset-thingy, and then, I pray, the dress can begin the alteration process. The tailor asked for a month to do it in, he's getting maybe 3 weeks. Here's hoping. Worse case scenario, the hem drags a little and I find a creative way to bustle the train.