Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color Collage Revisited

Since we're on the theme of colors, I made a fun little collage with elements from my wedding. I'm finding it's a lot easier to post illustrations for the blog since I have all my wedding pictures ;-) .

Along the way, I couldn't get the "perfect" raspberry color, but the lovely watermelon/honeysuckle/deep pink that evolved was beautiful. True raspberry has a little touch of red. The final palette came down to the pink coral, orange, "raspberry" and gold as an accent. To make things better people actually heeded the invitation! People wore the wedding colors, so when I looked over the guests during the ceremony I saw bursts of color. It was even more fun to see on the dance floor.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Forward Thinking

So it turns out my color palette was ahead of it's time! Check out Pantone's color of the year, "Honeysuckle" and the palettes used for it. Especially, the wedding ones. It seems people are keen on mixing it with orange... Feel free to thank me for boosting your wardrobe ;-)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Dress Revisited

What more can I say? :)

The Cake Revisited

I'm going to get my two gripes out and be done forever. My wedding was perfect to me. I was glowing and incandescently happy all day, but two things made me frown for the briefest of moments: the ringbearer's walk melded with the flowergirls' so we couldn't see all of them in their full glory of cuteness, and the color ribbon on the cake was off. But seriously, that's it. I'm sure there were plenty of other snaffus, I know there were, but all was solved and nothing marred my happiness on that day. This is largely in part to my setup crew of Kathy and David Curran, Kaitlynn, Mark Spangrud, Yvonne, Robert, Vicky McGuinness, Bea, Linds, Connie, Bridget, Janae and a tiny host of wedding angels. For all my planning, they made it happen, I owe them stock options in my firstborn.

Despite the ill-colored ribbon trim, my cake was so gorgeous! I was blown away by how wonderful it turned out. I showed a picture hoping for a paler imitation but I got exactly what I wanted and at steal! Cakes, if you are unaware, are fiendishly expensive, but my mother found and charmed a baker at our local Gelson's for something fabulous. I am rather proud of her. It was lemon with raspberry filing and I think the fruit was marzipan. I thought he would just place ready made marzipan, which can be gorgeous, but he made it from scratch. This man is wasted on Gelson's.

This was a "smaller" couple's cake, hence it looks a wee bit tiny. Everyone else got red velvet with truffles that was cut up in the back and served. This is a great way to cut costs while still serving a good treat.

The Favors

I decided I wanted an edible favor, and one that wouldn't break my teeth or taste bland. (I'm looking at you, candy almonds and mints.) In the final weeks before the wedding, I came to Chaz's apartment when he was away to drop off some things. I spied what looked like chocolate lollipops on the counter in the kitchen.

I, of course, devoured said "lollipops". I did this under the legal principle of "Chazttel". This principle states that if it is edible, Chaz's and within my reach it also belongs to me.

Turns out they were filled with delicious, moist cake! The chocolate-like shell served as a sweet frosting. My favor search was over. I called Chaz about where these delightful pops came from and he told me a friend at work had a side business of making them.

After numerous samples of cake-pops (usually at breakfast) and different color "frostings", I got my favors! They even came to the wedding and set them up with their own little jars and decorations. We decided on lemon and red velvet cake centers

To make things even better, they'll create a tag for you to stick on the lollipops. This was a perfect spot for a picture Rebel's friend Jen drew for me!

Rumor has it some people didn't get any because they were devoured. So much for one per person, haha! Chaz even made me a bouquet of specially shaped ones (hearts and such) with colored sugar sprinkles. Sadly these were also devoured before I saw them. The thought counts, but bouquet eater, wherever you are, I hope you feel terrible.

(P.S. By the way, if you are interested in some cake pops for a party, the girls have a website in the works. It's under construction but it has a contact number.)