Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Favors

I decided I wanted an edible favor, and one that wouldn't break my teeth or taste bland. (I'm looking at you, candy almonds and mints.) In the final weeks before the wedding, I came to Chaz's apartment when he was away to drop off some things. I spied what looked like chocolate lollipops on the counter in the kitchen.

I, of course, devoured said "lollipops". I did this under the legal principle of "Chazttel". This principle states that if it is edible, Chaz's and within my reach it also belongs to me.

Turns out they were filled with delicious, moist cake! The chocolate-like shell served as a sweet frosting. My favor search was over. I called Chaz about where these delightful pops came from and he told me a friend at work had a side business of making them.

After numerous samples of cake-pops (usually at breakfast) and different color "frostings", I got my favors! They even came to the wedding and set them up with their own little jars and decorations. We decided on lemon and red velvet cake centers

To make things even better, they'll create a tag for you to stick on the lollipops. This was a perfect spot for a picture Rebel's friend Jen drew for me!

Rumor has it some people didn't get any because they were devoured. So much for one per person, haha! Chaz even made me a bouquet of specially shaped ones (hearts and such) with colored sugar sprinkles. Sadly these were also devoured before I saw them. The thought counts, but bouquet eater, wherever you are, I hope you feel terrible.

(P.S. By the way, if you are interested in some cake pops for a party, the girls have a website in the works. It's under construction but it has a contact number.)

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