Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cake Revisited

I'm going to get my two gripes out and be done forever. My wedding was perfect to me. I was glowing and incandescently happy all day, but two things made me frown for the briefest of moments: the ringbearer's walk melded with the flowergirls' so we couldn't see all of them in their full glory of cuteness, and the color ribbon on the cake was off. But seriously, that's it. I'm sure there were plenty of other snaffus, I know there were, but all was solved and nothing marred my happiness on that day. This is largely in part to my setup crew of Kathy and David Curran, Kaitlynn, Mark Spangrud, Yvonne, Robert, Vicky McGuinness, Bea, Linds, Connie, Bridget, Janae and a tiny host of wedding angels. For all my planning, they made it happen, I owe them stock options in my firstborn.

Despite the ill-colored ribbon trim, my cake was so gorgeous! I was blown away by how wonderful it turned out. I showed a picture hoping for a paler imitation but I got exactly what I wanted and at steal! Cakes, if you are unaware, are fiendishly expensive, but my mother found and charmed a baker at our local Gelson's for something fabulous. I am rather proud of her. It was lemon with raspberry filing and I think the fruit was marzipan. I thought he would just place ready made marzipan, which can be gorgeous, but he made it from scratch. This man is wasted on Gelson's.

This was a "smaller" couple's cake, hence it looks a wee bit tiny. Everyone else got red velvet with truffles that was cut up in the back and served. This is a great way to cut costs while still serving a good treat.

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