Friday, August 20, 2010

The Table "Numbers"

The big day has come and gone, but I am going to work my way up to it, as I was wonderfully overwhelmed.

Today we talk about the table numbers and escort cards. Instead of numbers, I, of course, wanted something a little different. Fitting the theme, I decided to split the tables between roses (mostly my side) and oranges (mostly his side).

I trolled the interwebs for gorgeous roses whose names would correlate to those guests I had at the table. The orange variations were limited, though, so I couldn't make those too personalized.

Now I have a bit of an advantage in that I have access to high quality printing and graphic artists I could bend to my will, but this could be done on a decent color printer as well.

Above you see the escort cards with guest names and pictures of roses or oranges. I ended up putting the rose/orange name on the card too. I wanted people to have to search for tables with only the picture to guide them originally. Why? Perhaps I have a cruel streak.

At the last minute I realized no tiny table number holders were given by the caterer like I thought (or should I say my lovely setup crew realized). But all was well! There are larger concerns in the grand scheme of things. And they still looked quite pretty leaning against the centerpieces.

This rose table was where my siblings and a younger crowd sat. Teasing Georgia was homage to my new little niece Georgia.

Other rose pairings were "Wild Rose" naturally for the children's table, "Carnation Rose" for a table of Gamma Phis, A "White Cathedral Rose" for a Sigma Chi table (their flower is the white rose), "Dolce Vita" rose for Italian side of the family, "Evelyn Rose" for where Uncle Mike and Aunt Evelyne sat with their family, "Bridal Pink" rose for my parent's table, "Grace Rose" for some lovely friends from Calvary, "Irish Fireflame Rose" for Irish folk, "Ebb Tide Rose" for a surfing family, "Fellowship Rose" for good friends and "Golden Wedding" rose for some bridesmaids, including the golden-haired blonterouge.

It's these kinds of details that keeps a girl up at night. (By the way, Chaz and I sat at our sweetheart table with the "Eden Rose" card.)

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