Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Muñoz/ De Naranjo Shower

Last Sunday I attended a shower thrown for me by Chaz's Mom and his Aunt Mona, her sister. It was very sweet. There were lovely sandwiches, salad, lots of things dipped in chocolate, a *beautiful* fondant cake and pretty punches.

The patio was decorated in my wedding colors and had tissue flowers and spray roses on the
table. It was nice to actually see all the colors together! Thus far the color combos have only been in my head and the occasional collage. It was nice to see them in person.

We played a few bridal shower games, one of which was fun, but I was dreadful at. The game is everyone buys me a pair of undies that reflects their personality, and I am supposed to guess who got them for me. I got 2 right, one of which was my sister and the other was helped by process of elimination. I would often strike within families though, guessing the daughter when it was the mother or vice-versa. I find some consolation in that ;-)

Anyhoo, I have been "showered" twice over, and it's been good fun!

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