Thursday, July 8, 2010!

Believe it or no, the hunt for the perfect shoe has been long and arduous. At first I wanted something that would be a pop of color when you spotted them under the petticoat. I went mad looking for shoes in the wedding colors. Then I realized, I'm standing all day, I want some comfy kicks. Also, Chaz must look as tall as possible. Hence, the decision to look at flats.

Then Mumsy came along and said, well why not a heel? He'll still be taller than you. I pondered this and widened the net.

After, no lie, 7 plus shoes delivered to me via Nordstroms online and at least 4 outings to the mall, I have settled on these. They work, they're cute, fairly comfy and I don't think I can handle another sole-crushing trip to the shoe department.

Ta da! The great dilemma has been solved so I can finally hem my dress. Or so I thought. I am now reconsidering under-stuffs, as the previous set made me look a little too tartish. So now I wait for Nordstroms to ship me a new corset-thingy, and then, I pray, the dress can begin the alteration process. The tailor asked for a month to do it in, he's getting maybe 3 weeks. Here's hoping. Worse case scenario, the hem drags a little and I find a creative way to bustle the train.


  1. Love them! Like a modern Cinderella shoe! And I wish I had gone with flats...oh the pain...

  2. let's get some shoes... omg shoes!

    love the ones you picked, but i'm even more excited to see you in your dress!

    <3 Stacy