Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventures in Weddingland!

A picture is worth a thousand words! So here are a handful of my beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed shower. My Mom, Rebel, Bridget, Britt, Yvonne, Janae, Jessica and Chelsea were an amazing team that carried out my ideas and flourished them. They went above and beyond. :-)

Guests had little cards telling them what order to visit each table. Thanks to some computer genius friends, I was able to get a program that accomplished what I was trying to do manually. Everyone got to visit all the different tables and meet (mostly) all new people each round.

The tables and hostesses, were as follows:

The Alice Table : Me! (featuring Tea Sandwiches, water with orange slices, and "Eat Me" sugar cookies) I opened the guests presents here.
The Red Queen: Julie, my Mom (Red Velvet Cupcakes, red and milk Chocolates in heart and crown shapes, marshmellows dipped in red chocolate, etc)

The White Queen: Rebel, my sister and Maid of Honor (scones, cheesebread, merengues, white popcorn, all kinds of stuff!)

The Mad Hatter: Britt, my sister-in-law and bridesmaid (fun punches, teas and drinks with mini un-birthday cakes and candy)

The Rabbit Room: Chelsea, bridesmaid (fruits, veggies, dips, hot teas, and scones with dried fruit in them)

The Caterpillar Corner: Jessica (two different kinds of fancy salads)

The Cheshire Lounge: People just relaxed here for a breather

It was great fun! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

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  1. I had so much fun preparing for this party, it was a lovely time with all the girls help, and just knowing it was for you made the work a Labor of Love.