Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Registry!

Everything has gone digital it seems. Even Registries! So if you are curious as to what Chaz and I are populating our future nest with, please visit this site:

Registry360 - View My Registry

(This site can be a little squirrelly. It doesn't always include everything you've registered for and pay no mind to the styleboards.)

Officially, we are registered at:

A Little Illustration of Preferences!

And in the Kitchen!


  1. those pics are too cute, and helpful too!

  2. oh, and I just guffawed at my desk at work when I saw the url read "Chazzerly"

  3. Lol, it's our Brangelina. Either that or Haz. He likes "Haz" because it sounds like hazardous material. ;-)

  4. The knief set you registered for, I would change it, get one like mine where the steak knieves and cutting knieves are all in the same block, otherwise, it takes up too much counter space......