Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Breather

I'm getting to the point where some wedding things are slowing down. Not because they're coming to an end, but because I'm waiting on other parties and forces to get going again. It's like the "click-click" moments of a roller-coaster when you're being pulled up hill. Something is going to happen, but everything needs to gather new momentum first.

The showers are in capable hands, I've made the payment deadlines with the big players to secure their services: photographer, caterer, location, etc., and the invitations just have a few more things to go. I think I will hand address the invites with Chaz, he has much nicer handwriting than I do. Maybe get a fancy metallic pen.

I'm hardwired to be a little anxious when things slow down. I almost don't trust the feeling. My head tells me I've certainly I've left a flat-iron on somewhere that needs to be turned off, or something is undone.

My engagement is so short I have to enjoy these things. I'm only a fiancee for so long. And really, the wedding is what? Five hours? That's it and then it's over. Having a honeymoon right after is wise, my wheels will be spinning too much to immerse into normal life again.

Right now, the only imperative I can think of is picking out my wedding shoes. I'm looking for a pair of fancy flats in a wedding color, suggestions are welcome.

Deep breath, life is good and beautiful.


  1. I'm so glad you're going straight into the honeymoon! I don't understand how people can get married on Saturday and go to work on Monday! I could hardly count from 1-10 the day after! Do you know where you're going yet?

  2. We do! Chaz is planning most of it, but the destination is Kauai, the North Shore at the Princeville St. Regis. I am super stoked. On the plus side our flight leaves late Monday night (wedding's on a Sunday) so we can gather our wits for a little.

  3. The shower is going to be fun, everyday for over three weeks, it has been about the shower. I think you will be impressed and delighted, it has been a labor of love. Britt has been a champ, she brings the baby and goes to work with flowers, menu, and I bounce a lot off of her. Chelsea came over the other day with great ideas and helping hands. Yvonne had some good suggestions too. Bridget was over with lots of ideas and help to get organized and the menu down. Most of them will be back for the cooking. I have had Jimi here doing stuff around the place and your Dad, well, he keeps on writing the checks..we are blessed.