Monday, April 19, 2010


So, I joined and was cruising the Orange County forums for info and whatnot. I came across an ad for a photographer couple who was looking for a couple for free engagement photos hoping to build their portfolio.

At first I was a little wary, no such thing as a free lunch, right? But hope springs eternal, so I figured, why not? If it's shady I can walk away or use everything I learned from that one summer I took Judo. (Those hip throws have served me well over the years).

Turns out, the couple was really sweet and spent over two hours taking shots of both us and Bon-Bon. The location they picked was perfect: UCI. Where Chaz and I met. The photographers, Lori and Keith Anderson are going through the shots and are going to make us a CD. They gave a sneak peek on their website/blog though: Lori Anderson Photography.

So here are some goobery photos of us, pay no mind to the fact I need to get my hair done.

This one, above, is my favorite thus far.

Super-nova couple!

I have to say I also love this one. It's Jane Austen and a Batman comic if you're wondering.

I finally let him kiss me after four long years ;-) .

Where the cool kids hang out.


  1. I LOVE these! Especially the Jane Austen/Batman one! And you made him wait 4 years for a kiss?! Kudos to him for hanging in there!
    And with the photographer, you lucked out! We had a guy do our wedding "for free" and still haven't gotten all the pictures! if you're curious. Great photographer. Baaaad publicity for him.

  2. Ok, maybe not four years, but if my father ever sees this blog...

    What a bummer on the photographer! How many pictures did you get back? I'm still on the prowl for a photographer even though they took some lovely shots.