Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lights! Camera! Wedding!

A wedding is a bit of a production. There are costumes, sets, props, directors, producers and a cast of characters. A familiar plot runs through it and the boy (almost always) gets the girl.

I intend to make a bit of fun by turning my wedding program into a script of sorts. Not a micro-managed you-say-this-now, sort of thing, but a whimsical guide to help everyone get involved. Think of the possible structure and tropes I could use.

I could start with the prelude of how boy met girl, and set the scene thus far. Imagine it something like this:

Bride Enters Downstage
(Theme Music: "Liz on Top of the World" Plays)

Guests: "Oooh, Aaaaw"

Bride Joins Ecstatic Groom

Brother: "Let's have a moment to pray..."

Godfather: "A reading from..."

Officiant: "MAIWWAGE, maiwwage is what bwings us togeder today. When wuv, twue wuv..."


~ Cast ~

Brother: Played by Sean Coyne. Previous projects include starring roles in "Surfers at San-O",
"I Just Had a Baby", and "Street Carnage"

Officiant: Josh Sisco in his debut role. A friend of the couple and cousin to sister-in-law. Before the wedding, Josh plied his talents as a youth pastor.


A little cheese, but see what I mean? I think it's fun for everyone to feel a part of and be familiar with who is who. What I dread about weddings is either being bored to tears or feeling completely isolated because I know nothing about most the people around me. (That and the marathon ceremony, by the time they bring out the unity candle I want to kill someone. This is also due to the fact I usually haven't eaten yet.) Maybe a little guidebook with some light reading and an acknowledgment of your role in the wedding would help bring a sense of participation.


  1. You are so amusing, I am never bored in the least when I read your pithy comments and blog. Clever girl! Love the playbill idea!

  2. Auntie Jackie LOVES the idea of a Playbill! Especially if she is acknowledged as your favorite blood Aunt on the Maternal side! And of course, I am also part of the cast as the Fairy Aunt Who Sprinkles Sparkle Dust for good luck and whimsy! xoxox

  3. I've been bad and haven't checked in awhile! This is so funny! You should definitely do something along these lines! Yes, I admit we had a marathon wedding...only realized it afterwards, haha.