Monday, May 24, 2010

The Invitations

After being stuck in a parking garage for 45 minutes with nothing but a bridal magazine and my thoughts, I think I have a clearer vision of the vibe I want for my wedding. I'm returning to my original conceptions but keeping the dashes of what I've picked up since the wee hours of my bridal brainstorming.

The next big task on my plate is the invitations. I need to get them designed, printed and mailed, stat. I want them to look like an old fashioned bookplate with a male and female silhouette.

The invites also are a prelude to the wedding's color scheme, so I want to bring in raspberry, persimmon and pinky coral elements. Thus far the aesthetic vision is Pride and Prejudice meets a whimsical garden of orange blossoms and roses. Not the most succinct tagline, but it fits.

There is also the challenge of fitting everything in the invitation. Who, what, where, when and I want to ask guests to wear some aspect of the wedding colors if possible. Perhaps in a tie or dress shirt for the men. The women have a dozen ways to incorporate it. How lovely would it be to look out at a sea of candy colors.

I'm also pondering custom made stamps. What says "Maiwage" more than smarmy photos of Chaz and I? There are various websites for this, the most legit seems to be here.

Additionally, I am told I can get a good deal on Carlson Craft invitations through a printer my Dad works with. Maybe I can find a fairly plain one and have my design printed on them? I've been browsing the designs, and plan on ordering at least some fancy envelopes. I love it when they have color inside, it reminds me of this cereal from back in the day. It had a yellow pseudo wheat color on the outside and inside a pop of bright frosting that was certainly not a color found in nature. Needless to say, it was delicious.

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  1. First, a thought from the previous post: Liz on Top of the World would be an amazing Bridal Entrance song!

    Second, that's where we got our stamps (well, mumsy dear...who picked the awkward picture of a beardless Matt) and they looked fine. One tip: don't order until you have the weight and dimensions of your invites. If they have a knot from a ribbon or are slightly heavy or won't be able to go through the machine they will cost most. We found that out after ordering standard stamps, and then the only additional postage that was the right amount was a large RAM'S head looking at me and my beardless beloved. I guess that was more "us" than those cheesy hearts, though. So yeah, you can order the photo stamps for the exact amount you need and avoid any ugly extra postage...